Estonia / Finnland

line up
1 - 4 musicians on stage

booking territory
DE, AT, CH, NO, SE, PL and on request

all year

latest release
»Tii ilo« Mari Kalkun & Runorun

label, distribution
Nordic Notes 2016
(Rockadillo Records 2015)

Mari Kalkun & Runorun

Mari Kalkun is a singer, musician and a composer relying on her Southern Estonian roots and song tradition. She is most well known for her mellow voice, memorable storytelling and the ability to create warm and spontaneous mood at her concerts.

The flowing sound of Estonian and minority language Võro creates a meditative atmosphere in her music sometimes intertwined with the traditional singing - regilaul. Fortunately, no language skill is necessary to be affected, though. Mari Kalkun’s approach towards music is very personal and with every song she tells a story. This makes her music alive pulsating with energy here and now.

Mari Kalkun has a Master’s degree in traditional singing from Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music. She was voted Best Singer at Estonia's 2013 Ethno Music Awards.

In 2013, she established her own international group, Mari Kalkun & Runorun based in Helsinki. Their album »Tii ilo« was nominated for Album of the Year 2016 both in Estonian and Finnish music awards.

Mari Kalkun & Runorun are:
Mari Kalkun – vocals, 12-string kannel, kantele
Maija Kauhanen – vocals, Saarijärvi kantele
Nathan Riki Thomson – double bass, rattle
Tatu Viitala – percussions


2018/07/06 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival w/ Runorun
Heidecksburg, Burgterrasse 14:30
Markt, Grosse Bühne 18:00
2018/07/07 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival w/ Runorun
Theater im Stadthaus 16:00
2018/07/08 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival solo concert
Neumarkt 13:00
2018/07/08 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival regilaul workshop
Bibliothek 15:00