line up
3 musicians on stage

booking territory
Europe except Finland

May 2019, summer festivals

current CD
»Arktik Traktor Konspirazy« 2017

label, distribution
May 5, 2017 Nordic Notes
(Rockadillo Records 2016)

Joonas Widenius Trio

This trio is a konspirazy of world and jazz music. It combines finnish and jazz traditions with rock and even flamenco. Karo Sampela (ES) brings the Andaluzian groove, Hannu Rantanen (FI) colors it with the bass-line based on jazz and finnish folklore and Joonas Widenius (FI) offers the guitar lines and new compositions you haven’t heard before. Their music is like an Arktik Traktor with no borders! Let’s call it European music with an attitude and slogan »There should be no borders or limits nowhere!« Just keep traktor rollin’.

The Trio has worked with artists like Iiro Rantala, Perico Sambeat, Ilkka Heinonen and many other. The members of trio have played with Carmen Linares, Moraíto, Värttinä, Raoul Björkenheim, UMO jazz orchestra, Pepa Päivinen, Kaari Martin, Alba Carmona, Slobo horo, Nuevo Ballet Español, Waldo’s people, Flamenco jazz company amoung many others.

»Amazing, personal, inspiring rhythm music and still relaxing to listen!«
Satakunnan Kansa

»Guitarists may know him already, but the bigger audience should also remember the name Joonas Widenius. (...) Trio's virtuoso and inspiring playing reminds me of Trio Töykeät's musical revolution and fun!«
Helsingin Sanomat

»One of the best things in this music is that you can't put it to any genres!«

»I’ve never heard something like this before from any finnish musicians!«

Joonas Widenius – guitar
Hannu Rantanen –­ bass
Karo Sampela – drums, udu, pandeiro