Syria, based in Berlin/Germany

line up
4-8 musicians on stage

booking territory

all year

current album
»El Helwa Di«/The Beautiful One (2016)

Abdallah Rahhal & Musiqana

Abdallah Rahhal is a singer in the great tradition of Tarab music, popular in Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. Born in Aleppo, fleeing the war in his homeland, he now lives in exile in Berlin. It was here that he formed Musiqana, the Syrian Tarab ensemble which unites Arabic, German and English speaking audiences in the ‘euphoria’ of the concert experience which is name and nature of Tarab music.

Musiqana and Rahhal as their frontman have become a musical icon in these historic times, when so many Syrians have found safety in exile in Berlin, and the international media celebrate the band as a symbol of the integrative power of music in Germany.

Cherished for its beautiful highly poetic lyrics and characterised by the element of improvisation, the singer has a special role and responsibility in Tarab music. The singer leaps from Maqam to Maqam, taking the melody to new realms, heightening and intensifying the atmosphere and experience of the song, until singer, musician and audience have reached the state of euphoria which is Tarab.


2018/06/03 DE-Ingelheim am Rhein Eurofolk Festival
2018/07/11 SE-Malmö Malmöfestivalen /w Miram Aida
2018/07/12 SE-Malmö Malmöfestivalen